Thursday, March 12, 2015

Daffodils and Treasure Sites

Looking for new sites to hunt can be as easy as finding daffodils in March. If you find daffodils while exploring remote bandit trails you have found a good site to metal detect. The first flowers of spring are always associated with the fact that there was once human activity in the area. They remain as markers of days gone by, after all the main houses, smoke houses, chicken coops, gardens and people have faded from the landscape. Sometimes it is astounding how large an area they occupy. It is pretty safe to say that they were started in a flower garden. Flower gardens are great places for small caches of egg and butter money and even in some cases large deposits, for fear of being robbed. One such story took place during the Civil War in Western Kentucky. All the men were off either in the war or tending the stock and horses, hiding them away from the farm so not to lose them to the army or raiders, leaving only the lady of the house and a servant. News came that soldiers were going house to house taking everything they could carry of value and destroying the rest so the ladies dressed up as men and took a tea kettle of gold coins and buried it along with jewelry and other valuables. Later while the servant lady was gone the lady of the house, not trusting the servant, moved the cache. Being in a hurry she did not properly mark the new location and never could find where she hid the money. To this day, as far as anyone knows, it has never been found. Could be there are daffodils popping up over her tea kettle right now.

When you locate one of these sites try to start your search in the middle of the patch of flowers as they have spread in every direction from their original bed. Look around and even check back in the weeks to come because other flowers and bushes will bloom. Also look for old orchard sites or berry patches and grape vines. These are know to be favorite cache places.

Who knows, next time you may find a tea kettle full of gold coins.

May your trails be smooth and your treasure sites many.
Best Wishes and Good Hunting

Daffodils that have spread over time

Probably part of an original flower bed

Soon only daffodils will remain

100+ year old flower bed


Gold- 1152.30 +0.20
Platinum- 11200.50 +5.60
Silver- 15.61 +0.12
Copper- 2.68 +0.0010