Saturday, March 14, 2015

I Think I'll be a Treasure Hunter

Do you have what it takes to be a treasure hunter? Every beginner should ask themselves this question and answer it. Every treasure hunter will tell you that they love what they do. Not many treasure hunters make a living at it. I will say there are a lot more opportunities today with the internet and multimedia platforms than there was when I started. When I started there was no internet or any videos on the subject. The individuals who have gained the rank of professional have been at it many years and most of that time they were engaged in extensive research. They have earned every bit of the title. If you have the idea you are going to buy a metal detector, run to the beach or out in the hills, turn over a rock and be rich you are probably going to be very disappointed. Metal detecting or I mean to say the inexperience a beginner has detecting is frustrating. Everyone is inexperienced when they start. To become good at detecting you have to have the three P's, patience, persistence, and practice. No one is born a professional anything. Patience is a must for treasure hunters. If you are not a patient person, find a different hobby. Patient hunters will tell you they can follow the impatient hunter and find coins but would rather hunt beside another patient hunter. The reason is you can always learn watching the patient hunter. I would much rather see a beginner gain the patience it takes to be successful with a metal detector than go behind him and make the good finds. If I didn't I would not be doing this. Watch the videos and learn from the professionals. Persistence is, just do not give up because of your inexperience. Practice and patience will soon pay off and then it gets fun. Go to a dealer and get a metal detector after you try it and like the feel of it. I could preach about this all day because most of the time expensive is not the answer for a beginner. Most of these end up in the closet or on e-bay and the beginner got whipped by a machine. Simple is the trick when you start. Learn by practicing and gain a rapport with the detector. After you do and start making finds by gaining experience with that machine you also will gain confidence that you can master another machine. Work your way up. Metal detecting is a great sport. It gets you outdoors, exercise, and the opportunity to meet the most interesting and greatest people you could ever imagine. If you get this far you are well on your way, but always remember, you never stop learning and all the knowledge you gain and the friends you make is one great treasure. And, you never know when the next time may be the best time.

A wise man once said, "If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life".

May all your trails be smooth and your treasure sites many.
Best Wishes and Good Hunting

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