Monday, March 16, 2015

KGC Charlie and the Gunsmith Plantation

Last night I had to get in touch with KGC Charlie, a fellow treasure hunter and a friend for a few years, to let him know that I possibly had a location of the Gunsmith Plantation we have been researching. It has taken quite a while because all the deeds in this area were destroyed by a courthouse fire in 1880. Charlie, how should I put it, is obsessed with the Knights of the Gold Circle. That's why I call him KGC Charlie. What I know of the subject I have got from Charlie and I have read a couple of books. As far as figuring out any signs or codes, I am not the person. I have no experience with this but Charlie always brings me some pictures. He must think that I can help but so far, I am not much help and I can't help but say some of his ideas are way beyond anything I have ever dealt with. I will say this, he has convinced me of some things and he is one determined man with quite an imagination. It has paid off for him so I listen and keep an open mind. Back to the plantation. I was close and after a few hours I do believe we found it. After we get things squared with the owner we are going to return and hunt. I will post pictures when we do and talk more about what I know of the location.

May your trails be smooth and your treasure sites many.
Best Wishes and Good Hunting

One of Charlies pictures. He says it is a sign. You can see the crosscut saw under the tree.

Blaze on tree.
Treasure sign or bad luck with saw?

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