Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Steamboat Landings

Old steamboat landings are very productive metal detecting sites. I have found some of my best coins around steamboat landings.These places were gathering spots for a wide range of activities generation after generation. It is amazing how many places these beautiful old boats had to land to take on fire wood which settlers would cut and stack along the river at good landing spots. Pretty soon these spots became known by the captains and selling wood to the boats provided a lucrative income for people carving out farms along the river. Merchants opened businesses and warehouses at these locations and a lot of these places turned into cities. Many more than imaginable died out due to things like course changes in the river, floods, growing communities and cities. Good research can provide the location of sites where these boats landed regularly and due to the remote locations, some of them have never been hunted. Libraries along the rivers in small towns are a great source as are state historical societies. The Mississippi River Commission maps are a good source of old landings. Civil War map kits also provide good sources of river maps with old landing locations. Vast numbers of steamboats, keel boats, and flatboats have traveled the rivers of our great nation for over 200 years. Steamboat disasters were common. Boiler explosions, fire, snags, sandbars and weather were some of the hazards that has left our rivers the final resting place of many a steamboat. River pirates were also part of the dangers of traveling the waterways leading to many more treasure stories. During low water these old wrecks give up gold and silver coins and all kinds of relics. Two books in the library that are excellent resources on the steamboats of yesterday are Way's Packet Directory, 1848-1994 and Lloyd's Steamboat Directory, and Disasters on the Western Waters.

Always get permission and make sure to check state laws before detecting.

May your trails be smooth and your treasure sites be many
Best wishes and Good Hunting

Steamboat Landings

Treasure Hunter's Code of Ethics

I WILL respect private property and do no treasure hunting without the owners permission.
I WILL fill all excavations.
I WILL appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources, wildlife, and private property.
I WILL use thoughtfulness, consideration, and courtesy at all times.
I WILL build fires in designated or safe places only.
I WILL leave gates as found.
I WILL remove and properly dispose of any trash that I find.
I WILL NOT litter.
I WILL NOT destroy property, buildings, or what is left of ghost towns and designated structures.
I WILL NOT tamper with signs, structural facilities, or equipment.



Gold: $1,150.00 -0.70
Silver: $15.47 +0.12
Platinum: $1,119.20 +3.80
Copper: $2.62 -0.0007