Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Tribute

A salute to all veterans and to those who contribute their time, money and kindness helping all those and their families that have served our country. We owe everything we hold dear to these men and women that have sacrificed and gave selflessly everything even their lives so I might treasure hunt and sit here free writing this. There is no way we can thank them enough but let us all please try. Never take for granted what they do and have done for us, and if all you have to give is a thank you, then take every opportunity you get to do that.

I would like to give recognition today to two men that have logged countless hours at their own expense placing numerous headstones on the graves of Confederate soldiers that had no marker, in Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois. The work that Greg Miller and Leon Todd have done, at no expense to the families or cemetery is to be commended. I have posted a picture of one of the stones. These markers are provided through the Veterans Administration. Thanks to Mr. Miller and Mr. Todd.

If  you know of any veteran that does not have a headstone, one can be obtained from the Veterans Administration. I have provided the link to the instructions and application in the Link section.

Tip: Some old headstones become so weathered that they become hard to read. I have seen the pencil and tracing paper or chalk used with some success, but you can take a can of shaving cream, spray the names and dates you can't read, gently wipe the excess away and you can read the filled in characters great with no harsh affects to the stone or environment. This is also a good trick for all the KGC hunters to use on trees and rock signs that have faded away with time.
Best Wishes and Good Hunting

Headstone placed on a rural family farm in Western Kentucky by 
Greg Miller and Leon Todd

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