Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Tribute

Today I would like to pay a special tribute to treasure hunters. These are people from every walk of life and every place I've ever been. With every basket there is a bad apple, but most every treasure hunter you run across will go out of there way to make a difference or help someone who needs help. Treasure clubs all over the country are stepping up to help their communities and whether it be raising money for the needy or cleaning up a park they are making a difference. Treasure hunters stop to help strangers broke down on the side of the road, if they are in the gas up and go they are first to give directions to the lost travelers. If they get to a farm they are going hunt and the landowner has a broke down hay roller, they will help him till it's bailing again. They give what change is in their pocket to any cause at the red light and always do it with a smile. They also help each other but mostly by sharing their knowledge to help you figure out what you are trying to do, not just give you the answer. That makes them great teachers of their craft because they guide you to the solution and you can't help but learn something. Everyone sees the great finds on t.v. or in magazines but what people do not see is when they come home tired, dirty, and hungry with 26 cents, a hand full flip tabs and a couple of bottle caps. When their significant other asks what they found, they answer with a smile, no matter how bad a day it was, the greatest treasure of all, I found you. These people never give up, they have hearts of lions and you can bet they always come home with knowledge and that makes them rich. They have seen the most beautiful places on earth and survived the harshest, with no complaints. They have been whipped more times than a prize fighter by blazing heat, cold wind, snakes, scorpions, insects and all the other danger out there. They have a built in compass and an uncanny ability to adapt and overcome. The only thing they are afraid of is their spouse. Their operating budget is enough gas to get there and back and have survived many days on a pack of crackers and a canteen of water. When a kid ask them if they will take them metal detecting they make sure to plan a Saturday and only a death in the family or their own will stop them from keeping their word. I can not be prouder of anything than having these people as my friends and associates. I wish for all of you many double eagles and thank you.

May all your trails be smooth and your treasure sites many.
Best Wishes and Good Hunting

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