Friday, March 20, 2015

Want to Find New Sites? Try a Map Dowser

I hear a lot of people saying that they really need some new sites to hunt so they don't have to travel so far and other reasons. If you are open minded I suggest a good map dowser. Many people disregard this idea and call it mumbo jumbo, witchcraft and other things, but I tell you it has its purpose. I do believe that it takes someone practiced at the art to produce positive results. I have had maps dowsed and being honest it has never produced a chest full of pirate treasure for me, but maybe I didn't give him the right map. What it has done for me, and this is the approach I always use, is find abandoned cabin sites, old forgotten stagecoach stops, trading post that are not listed on any map and old churches and schools that I drove by every day not knowing anything ever was there. In one instance it opened up a whole community to me along a creek with a major system of trails and wagon roads that were there long before anything else around it and untouched by anything but the plow for 150 years. I still hunt in this area and it has been really good to me. If you are wanting to try a new approach, using an old method, to locate new sites then I suggest just that. Specify that you are looking for abandoned establishments that are gone and off of the present beaten path. When you send a map to a dowser follow his or her instructions and also mark the types of places that you are looking for that you have already found and label them if you know what they were (farm house, steamboat landing, store, one room school, etc.) This will save them some work and give them a good idea how to fill in the lost places you are searching for. It is not 100 percent but I get nervous if I do not find what has been marked thinking I am the one off. What I'm saying is if you don't walk right to it, look around. It has worked for me and it will for you. If you know of a legend or tale of a buried cache see if they can give you an area to hunt. You never know.

There are several dowsers out there, but my findings are that the good ones are hard to find. They do not advertise hardly at all, if any, yet they stay busy. I have permission to advertise a good one named Doc Thomas. He was reluctant but agreed to take on some extra work. He is good. You will have to e-mail him and if he does not answer tell him I recommended him and he promised he will respond. He has almost 28 years of experience and is an inexpensive way to find new sites to hunt. You will use more gas in one afternoon looking around than what he will charge you to dowse a map. Give him a try, you never know what he may lead you to.
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"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." 
Albert Eienstien 

May all your trails be smooth and your treasure sites many.
Best Wishes and Good Hunting