Monday, March 9, 2015

Which Metal Detector?

A question I get from novice and experienced treasure hunters all the time is, which metal detector should I buy? That is like asking me which girl or boy you should marry. A metal detector is like a car or truck. There are many brands, styles and price ranges with a wide range of capabilities that the answer is not for me to decide for you. I do not want you to purchase a machine and be mad at me because it is not right for you. The best advice I can give you is to locate a local dealer who handles several top brands. They will match your price range and explain the features. Now, do not buy the one on sale or be lured into a purchase by a good salesman. Ask to try it out. You do not buy a car without driving it and you do not buy a metal detector without trying it out. These local dealers have demonstrators and usually have a test site where you can test drive different detectors. If you call ahead and set up a time they are glad to help you make the right choice for the type of hunting you do and the metal detector that you are comfortable with. If you have any problem finding a dealer near you I will be glad to help you find one, just e-mail me.

Detecting Tip:  SLOW DOWN. The most common thing I see is people take off like the are trying to beat the clock. They jump here and there actually covering very little ground and not making many finds. The hunter who has patience and seems to be not moving at all, slowly covering every inch he can will have a pouch with some really nice finds at the day. Developing a slow pattern also gives your metal detector time to process data you are working a high trash area. Remember the Hare and the Tortoise. Be a tortoise and be a winner. The hare will not pay for his batteries and you might pay for your metal detector by working slow.

Who knows, next time may be the time of your life.

May your trails be smooth and your treasure sites many.
Good Luck and Good Hunting