Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter


A little story told long ago.

Long ago and far away a mountain climber had spent most of a lifetime preparing to climb a high mountain. The climber made the journey alone to prove it could be done. As the day began to turn to night, the climber decided to continue to the summit. Clouds hid the moon and stars and the climber was surrounded by total darkness unable to see anything.

Only yards from the summit the climber slipped and fell into the darkness, falling faster and faster. The only thing the climber could see were shadow figures and the wind the only sound.

The climber knew death was near, but at that moment the rope tied around the climbers waist snagged in the rocks and the fall came to a sudden stop.

At the end of the rope, the desperate climber said, "God, please help me!

"How would you like me to help you?" came a calm voice from the darkness.

"Save me"!  the climber begged.

"Do you really think I can save you?"

"Yes, God, I do!"

"Well then, cut the rope," said the voice.

After a moment of silence the climber tightened the grip on the rope around the waist.

Hours later, the sun rose and rescuers found the climber. The climber had frozen to death with hands tightly gripping the rope tied around the waist____ the climber was hanging only two feet from the ground.


Sometimes when at the end of our rope, only by letting go can we be saved.

May all your trails be smooth and your treasure sites be many.
Best Wishes, Happy Easter and Good Hunting

Bandit Trails Treasure Hunter