Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Silver Bar Cache Never Found

 In 1850 on through the Civil War Webbs Ferry, located on the Wabash River in Posey County Indiana, was one of the routes used as an underground railroad crossing to move slaves into Illinois and on up to Michigan. It was also the choice road from Louisville to Saint Louis. Union troops used this route back and forth on a regular basis.

Confederate raiders under George Todd learned that a Federal shipment of silver bars had left Louisville traveling this route by wagon. Todd's men crossed the Ohio River from Union County Kentucky and headed north to capture the shipment. As the Union transport was about to cross the Wabash, they were warned that the raiders were close and quickly buried the silver then escaped to the north. When they returned to retrieve the silver bars the Wabash River had flooded. After the water receded silt and mud obscured the hiding place and the troops never found the cache.

The location of Webbs Ferry is where the abandoned Illinois Central Gulf Railroad and Interstate 64 crosses the Wabash River. There is no record of the shipment ever being found and you never know, the next high water may reveal what has been hidden all this time.

The area around Webbs Ferry has all kinds of history and either side of the river would be good metal detecting.

May all of your trails be smooth and your treasure sites many.
Best Wishes and Good Hunting