Friday, May 8, 2015

14 Double Eagles and 10 Silver Dollars

August 1862
The border war was hot like the weather and most of Quantrill's men were still looting Independence when The Battle of Lone Jack Missouri took place on the 15th and 16th. A few of the raiders had made their way to Lone Jack including Cole Younger and a young man named Carter. For a short time Carter was captured with a few others and told before his death how scared he along with the other men were that they were going to be executed. He told how Cole Younger helped them escape and that Younger helped him steal horses so they could get away. During his escape Carter took a ball to the leg, but kept riding.

All young Carter wanted was to go home to Kentucky, he almost made it. He made it almost to Norfolk Landing, but the fever, infection and heat had all but done the young man in. He had lost his horse and walking was very slow and limited.

A farmer found Carter wandering along a wagon road and took the young man to Norfolk where the women tried to nurse him back to health. On the second day he told his story and said that the night before he was found by them that he had spent the night near a pond, at an Indian mound, where he had buried his belongings. He said his poke included 14 Double Eagles and 10 Silver Dollars he had stolen in Independence. He told the ladies caring for him that the cache was under three round Indian stones on the South East side of the mound. He died that night in sight of Kentucky.

The farmer hunted Carter's cache but never found it, passing this story down, and as far as anyone knows it has never been found.

May all of your trails be smooth and your treasure sites many.
Best Wishes and Good Hunting